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The Most Effective Approach For Teaching Kids Martial Arts

I have implemented many different approaches for teaching kids Martial Arts but have only found one approach that has worked well for all kids across the board. That approach is encouraging them to have a growth mindset.

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Putting the emphasis on things a child cannot control, like winning a gold medal in a certain competition or beating a certain opponent is an effective strategy for discouraging and demotivating a child because when they fail they will feel horrible about themselves and feel as if they are a failure. Don't get me wrong, heaving goals is great, as they can be an excellent tool to motivate a child but you must praise them wisely and focus only on those things within their locus of control like their effort, strategies, improvement, and focus. An example would be Johnny wins Silver at the Whitby Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open competition, the natural response would be to say something along the lines of: "Great job Johnny on winning that Silver medal". The problem with that praise is that it focuses mainly a certain medal, which he is not guaranteed to win, no matter how good he is. How about if the next time he competes in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition he doesn't do as well? He's not going to feel great about himself as he equates his self worth to winning a silver medal as that's what his praise was centred around. Using the growth mindset strategy, a better response would be:"Great job Johnny, I'm so proud of your effort, you worked so hard and your focus in class this past month has been excellent, all of your hard work is paying off, congratulations on the silver medal!" Notice the difference? The latter statement was focusing on what the child did well within their locus of control and the gold medal was mentioned afterwards. It might not seem like much but now the child will now be motivated to keep doing all of those positive things within their control which in turn will continue to yield improvements which in turn you will control to praise etc. Apply this approach in your martial arts program and watch as your kids become more motivated and resilient then you've ever seen them before along with happily taking on new challenges with an air of confidence.

For more information, watch the video below by Carol Dweck or pick up her book called: "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success"

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