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Team DNA BJJ and OSO BJJ Athletes Shine Bright at Lutando Series Event in Woodbridge

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that demands discipline, skill, and mental fortitude. Six exceptional athletes from Team DNA BJJ and OSO BJJ showcased their talent and dedication at the highly anticipated Lutando Series event in Woodbridge. Hailing from Whitby, Oshawa and Kawartha Lakes, these athletes left a lasting impression with their remarkable performances. In this blog post, we celebrate their achievements and encourage all BJJ enthusiasts to join the next Lutando Series event.

Diego Ribeiro: Silver Medalist Diego Ribeiro, representing Team DNA BJJ, exhibited remarkable skill and determination throughout the tournament. Competing in a challenging division, Diego fought valiantly, ultimately earning a well-deserved silver medal. His technical prowess and strategic approach made him a formidable opponent in every match, showcasing the true spirit of BJJ.

Zayd Borja: Bronze Medalist Zayd Borja, proved his mettle in the Lutando Series event. With an impressive record of 3-1, Zayd showcased his technical finesse and adaptability on the mat. His hard work paid off as he secured a bronze medal, highlighting his commitment to the art of BJJ and his determination to excel.

Braiden Nguyen-Huu: A Display of Excellence from our Judo Coach - Braiden Nguyen-Huu, demonstrated incredible skill and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Although he didn't secure a podium finish, Braiden's two excellent matches showcased his technical abilities and dedication to his craft.

Segundo Arancibia: A Rising Star At only 16 years old, Segundo Arancibia showed immense talent and courage by competing in the adult division. Segundo's tenacity and skill earned him a gold medal in the gi category and a silver medal in nogi. His remarkable achievements highlight his potential and determination to excel in the world of BJJ.

Alyssa Conners: Bronze Medalist Alyssa Conners, a formidable athlete from OSO BJJ, left her mark at the Lutando Series event. Demonstrating her technical prowess and resilience, Alyssa earned two well-deserved bronze medals. Her dedication to the art of BJJ and her unwavering spirit make her a role model for aspiring female practitioners.

Brendon Conners: Fierce Competitor Brendon Conners, a member of OSO BJJ, faced tough opponents in his matches. Despite the challenges, Brendon displayed remarkable skill and perseverance, leaving everything on the mat. Though he didn't secure a medal this time, his determination and sportsmanship were an inspiration.

The Lutando Series event in Woodbridge provided a platform for BJJ enthusiasts to showcase their talent and passion for the martial art. Team DNA BJJ and OSO BJJ athletes, including Diego Ribeiro, Zayd Borja, Braiden Nguyen-Huu, Segundo Arancibia, Alyssa Conners, and Brendon Conners, impressed spectators with their skills, determination, and sportsmanship. We applaud their efforts and encourage all BJJ practitioners to participate in the next Lutando Series event on August 26th, as it promises to be a professional and well-run tournament. Link to register: Remember, BJJ not only fosters physical strength but also cultivates self-defense skills and mental resilience, making it an invaluable martial art for individuals in Whitby, Oshawa, Kawartha Lakes and beyond.

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Riz Khan
Riz Khan
Aug 04, 2023

Congrats everyone. As always fantastic work. You are all champs for stepping on those mats and trying your best. We wish you ongoing success 👊🙌

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